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That’s Just Not Cool!

It’s been a bit of a tough day.

Being a parent of an Aspie, your day can go off-the-rails in a matter of minutes….. rather seconds.  It’s been quite some time, but today became that day.  Mom & I are self-employed, and work together.  This mornig i walked in to mom’s office to ask her a question about a project we’re working on, her response, “Not now, i’ve got bigger things to focus on”, “R just text me to say”…….. (buckle up for this one, it’s a doozy.  seriously, this will be difficult for me to even type)

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Pity Parties

There are days when I feel like I really have this “autism mom” thing down. We plan ahead,  we walk R through different scenarios of how her day can play out- if it’s not a “normal” day. We have back up plans for the back up plan. I have even gotten pretty good at being able to foresee a meltdown coming and remain calm in order to diffuse as quickly as possible. Of course I am raising an Aspregers teen so nothing is ever that easy. Read more

The Bike Ride

So…. we got lucky……..

One day, earlier this school year, our daughter came to us and asked if she could ride her bike to school with a neighbor/friend she goes to school with.  We live exactly one-mile from the school, and there’s only one major street to cross between here and there.  No big deal, right?  I think mom and I were so excited that she and her friend came up with this idea that we quickly said yes, that would be fine.  It sounded like more fun that sitting on the boring bus. Read more

Dear Club Volleyball Coach

Dear Volleyball Coach,

Here we are 1/2 way through the club volleyball season, and i can’t seem to get my mind to stop thinking about how you are squandering a fantastic opportunity we have given you.  An opportunity that has the potential to change your life.  An opportunity that could help mold your coaching future.  An opportunity to have an effect on how you parent your own kids some day.  An opportunity to join the fantastic world our daughter lives in.  An opportunity to learn about her challenges, help her conquer them, and celebrate with her those victories.  An opportunity to open your mind and heart to a truly special kid that would undoubtedly become a best friend for life. Read more

What i want you to know about Aspergers
What i want you to know about Aspergers

Things I want you to know about MY Aspergers child

Things to know about my Aspie.

She may not look you in the eye. Its not her being disrespectful, she just physically cannot do it. As she starts to get more comfortable with you, she may start to look you in the eye more frequently.

She may look like she is staring off into space and not listening to you. I can assure you however, that she is listening. She is always listening! She hears EVERYTHING and remembers everything. She will remind you if you said something and even changed it a tiny bit.

She is a rule follower. If theres a rule in place she will follow it, and she will remind anyone who does not follow the rule. Rules and structure are very important to her. The issue with this is, if you don’t want her to something specific you will actually have to say “ When we are doing X, we cannot do Y” This is hard sometimes, but not saying the word “don’t” goes a long way. You have to tell her what to do instead of what not to do. Read more

Team Adventures with Aspergers

Last weekend we participated in the Autism Speaks walk. It was my first time putting a team together for something like this. Most of our family joined us. I had been a little emotional leading up to the day, I didn’t know what to expect, I was worried about R being overwhelmed and asking a lot of questions that I didn’t know how to answer. A lot of the emotion was because I was blown away by how generous people were. Not only financially, but also by wanting to walk with us.

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